Blue Green Yellow Red Fire & Crackling Woods - It's Fun To Have FirePit In The Backyard Hanging Out

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Fire Pit Demo with Lava Rocks, Fire Glass and Log Set

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Blue, green, yellow, red color fire & crackling woods in the firepit in the backyard. Listen to the crackling sound, pull some chairs around, have some friends over or just hang out family. It's fun to have fire in the backyard when the weather turns a bit chilly especially in the northeast here in the United States.

This is one of those random videos on EyeOnAiman's channel, just so that we can have a good mix of theme, nothing specific....

But if you're reading this, perhaps we should add some of the reasons why firewood crackle and/or how to make or change the color of the fire:

Why does firewood crackle when it is thrown in a fire?

First they vaporize to a gas, then the gas burns. When wood is burned, the wood itself vaporizes. Much of this vapor is gaseous wood alcohol and water/steam. If too much vapor is trapped inside the wood, it will exert pressure and cause the wood to pop which causes the crackle.

A Crackling Fire - Not only does fir and pine smell like Christmas trees, these types of logs create a pleasant crackle and pop in your fire. These are softwoods which dry quickly, are easy to split, and create lovely crackling fires. Before burning fir or pine, be aware that the popping throws a lot more sparks than other firewood.

How To Make Blue Fire:

Making blue fire is an easy DIY project, and there's more than one way to do it. Here are a couple of the ways you can make Blue & Green fire yourself.

Natural Blue Fire - The easiest way to make blue fire is to burn a chemical that naturally produces a blue flame. Most types of alcohol burn as blue fire:

Ethanol (e.g., rum, vodka)
Methanol (wood alcohol, Heet fuel treatment)
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
Natural gas also burns with a blue flame.

Easy Method of Making Blue Fire
Several metal salts burn with a blue flame, such as certain copper, arsenic, and lead compounds. Antimony and lead are toxic, but you can use copper(I) chloride to produce blue fire.

Add a small amount of water to copper(I) chloride to dissolve the salt. If you cannot find copper(I) chloride, it is possible to make this chemical yourself. Copper(II) chloride is more widely available, but it will burn with a blue-green flame.
Soak a flammable material with the copper chloride solution. Good choices include sawdust or pine cones.
Allow the material to dry.
When you light it or add it to a normal fire you will get blue fire.

How To Make Green Fire:

It's easy to make brilliant green fire. This cool chemistry project requires only two household chemicals.

Green Fire Materials
Boric acid: You can find medical-grade boric acid in the pharmacy sections of some stores for use as a disinfectant. It is a white powder. It's not the same chemical as borax. You might try Enoz Roach Away, which is 99 percent boric acid and is sold with household insecticides.
Heet Gas-Line Antifreeze and Water Remover: Heet is sold with automotive chemicals or through many online retailers.
A metal or stoneware container
A lighter

Instructions for Making Green Fire
Pour some Heet into the container. How much you use will determine how long your fire will burn; 1/2 cup of Heet will provide about 10 minutes of fire.
Sprinkle some boric acid—about 1 to 2 teaspoons—into the liquid and swirl it around to mix it up. It won't all dissolve, so don't worry if some powder remains at the bottom of the container.
Set the container on a heat-safe surface and ignite it with a lighter.

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