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In this second video in the series of Cool Gadgets For Your Pets, Aiman is presenting The Amazing Petsfit Expandable Travel Carrier for your pets - Cat, Dog, Ferret, Rabbit and other small animals.

Petsfit Expandable Travel Dog Carrier with Fleece Mat, Most Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Easy Carry on Luggage, Soft Sided Flodable Cat Carrier with Pockets to Store Goods.

Be sure to watch Part 2 of this video here: In Part II we showed our Ragdoll Bella Morgana's reaction to this incredible carrier / expandable miniature tent.

The Petsfit Expandable Airline Approved Pet Carrier is stylish carry on dog carrier that can be expanded or retracted through the use of fold-out panels. It can even be collapsed completely for easy storage and transport.


Foldable. When unzipped lies completely flat to save space, approximately the size of a laptop case.
Expandable. Side zips down to provide extra space while sturdy wire frame maintains shape.
Zipper Opening. Pet entrance has 2 zippers for easy access and secure closure - perfect as an under seat dog carrier.
Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Allows for comfortable carrying for you and your pet.
Maximum Weight. The small carrier is suitable for companion pets up to 12 lbs., the medium carrier 16 lbs., the large carrier 20 lbs.
Multiple Sizes. This carrier comes in three different sizes. Small (for pets up to 12 lbs), Medium (for pets up to 16 lbs), and Large (for pets up to 20 lbs).

Petsfit carrier has extra space provided for long rides.PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK YOUR AIRLINE RULES AND REGULATIONS PRIOR TO FLYING.
Dimension:19"Long,12"Wide,12"High,33" Wide on the bottom when the porch fold out.
Bonus: coming with a soft fleece mat, a shoulder strap, with side pocket to store goods
Petsfit dog airpline carrier is mesh design for good ventilation. Zippers are of high quality and are self locking. For pet up to 20 pounds. Small dog carrier. Please measure your pet.

Available on Amazon, Chewy, Petsfit, local pet stores and other online retailers.

Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier:

Brand Name Petsfit
Product Name Petsfit Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier
Package Quantity : 1
Manufacturer Part Number DCC002611B-M (UUS)
Color Blue and red trim(as picture)
Item Dimensions(INCH) 20Lx11.5Wx12H
Item Weight (LBS) 3.63
Target Audience Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Ferret
Cat/dogs smaller than

standard Poodle under 20 pounds

Manufacturer's Suggested
Retail Price 39.99
Weight Supported ( LBS) 15
Package Dimensions
Length(INCH) 21
Height(INCH) 12
Width(INCH) 2.9
Shipping Weight 4
Material Type Durable oxford fabric
Puller Type Lockable

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