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Trevor Matich on BYUSN 11.5.2018

Trevor Matich gives his initial reaction to the game on Saturday and how he feels encouraged about the current state of BYU Football. He also gives his opinion on BYU Football's Quarterback Zach Wilson's performance.

BYU vs UMass That Was Weird 11.10.18

Weird, funny, and interesting things that happened throughout the BYU vs UMass Football Game.

BYU vs UMass Highlights 11.10.18

Highlights from the BYU vs UMass football game broken down by quarter.

Why Michigan’s defense has taken their game to another level

Y Factor Winner vs UMass Talon Shumway

For his outstanding play in the game against UMass, Talon Shumway wins the Y Factor Pick.

Austin Lee joined the show and talked about the BYU Football offense, and how they are progressing. He also talked about the BYU Defense and their strengths.

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