Sonel MMR 630 Repair and Calibration by Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd.

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How To Use A Multimeter Disclaimer: This video is not meant to be a definitive how to.Always consult a professional repair manual before starting your repair.I am not responsible for any problems that you might incur by watching or following this video.Follow at your own risk.

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Sonel MMR 630 Repair and Calibration by Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd.

MMR-630 series perfect instruments for electricians testing electrical junctions, motors and power transformers windings. The results can be stored in the internal memory and send to a computer via serial interface

Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd. meets your repair needs quickly and conveniently with our industrial repair services. Our efficient process flow minimizes handling time and our experienced professionals will get your equipment back to you as quickly as possible.

A quality result starts with:
• ISO 9001:2015 and certified facilities
• ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditations
• 3 Months warranty on complete unit
• Automated testing, After-hours support, Local representation
• World Most OEM trained and certified company

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