Jamec Pem Auto 1000 Automatic Tyre Inflator Review [2018] - ALLOFFROAD #156

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Harrop Eaton E Locker vs ARB Air Locker vs TJM Pro Locker REVIEW [2018] | ALLOFFROAD #142

WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANY LOCKER Did you also think there are no differences between the different types of lockers, for example, Harrop Eaton E Locker, ARB Air Locker or TJM Pro Locker? Think again! After having used many different types of lockers in my vehicles over the years, for instance, ARB Air locker, Ashcroft Air Locker, Maxi Drive vacuum Locker. Not too long ago I installed a set of front and rear Harrop Eaton e lockers in my Toyota Landcruiser 105 and found during some technical driving that the e-locker has a different engagement mechanism to the ARB Air Locker or TJM Pro locker. This was something myself, and most people I know were not aware of, and it is not something which is advertised when you purchase an e locker. In this video, I will do a diff locker comparison and what difference the individual locking differentials could make to your driving. However I will not explain how differential locks also called lockers work in general. I will compare the three most sold lockers in Australia the Harrop Eaton E Locker, ARB Air Locker and TJM Pro Locker and show how their engagement mechanism works and offer my opinion which locker may be right for you. Depending on your vehicle and driving style not every locker is suitable in my opinion but this video will help you to see if a harrop e locker, TJM pro locker or ARB air locker is suitable for you. Please also check our the Channel from our friend at Filthy Motorsport who provided the inner working of the e locker and ARB AIR Locker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW1xGS5NtgUFOVpaYh7yeFw TJM Pro Locker: http://www.tjm.com.au/prolocker/ ARB Air Locker: https://www.arb.com.au/air-locker/ Eaton Harrop E-Locker: https://www.harrop.com.au/shop/4x4-performance/driveline/elocker Check us out on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alloffroadau/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alloffroadau/

Fraser Island | Why not to Swimm in the Ocean at Kgari! | EP 1 | ALLOFFROAD#157

We are once more on Fraser Island which is called Kgari by the indigenous people. It's hard to find a better location to combine awesome 4w sand driving, beaches with some of the whitest sand, pristine rainforest and crystal clear freshwater lakes and streams and a bit of indigenous and early settlesr history. It is also a paradise for fisherman and you will be surprised what kind of sharks they catch from the beach. Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads sharks and even Great White Sharks and we have it all on camera. This time we explorer Frasers lesser known wild west coast and camp at Platypus Bay. watch 4 m Tiger sharks and Great white sharks being caught by team Mad Mullet where we swam hours before. Courtesy of Scott Mason we also have a look at how the west coast beaches can look at stormy king tide in January of 2018 several people lost their vehicles and boats and Scott and Family only saved the car narrowly. I will also explain how my new Revolution Power LiFePO4 auxiliary battery system together with my Redarc BCDC1240 and 150w Solar blanket performs. Put it on the big screen, grab a beer sit back and enjoy.... Be the first to see all Episodes one week before they are officially released on YouTube by supporting us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/alloffroad Thanks to: Team Mad Mullet https://www.youtube.com/user/teammadmullet Redarc https://www.redarc.com.au/ Revolution Power https://www.revolutionpoweraustralia.com.au/ Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum https://herveybaymuseum.com.au/

Golden Bandit Jeep Walk-Around | SEMA 2018

Daryl and Corey do a walk around of the parts and armor used on our #GoldenBandit Jeep Wrangler #SEMA2018 Build. Shop the bumpers, sliders, and armor we used at: https://www.jcroffroad.com/category/GOLDENBANDIT.html BODY & ARMOR By JcrOffroad Front Crusader Winch Bumper (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLFC.html) Rear Crusader Midwith Bumper (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLRC.html) Shield Gate Swinging Tire Carrier (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JSSC.html) Crusader Body Mount Rock Sliders (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLSL-CRL-2D.html) Front Crusader Midwidth Steel Fenders (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLFX-C.html) Front Aluminum Inner Fenders (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JLFX-FLCNIF.html) Rear Crusader Midwidth Steel Fenders (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLRX-C.html) Rear Aluminum Inner Fenders (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLRX-IF.html) Aluminum Half Doors (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLHD-F.html) Transfer Case Skid Plate (https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/JL/JLSD-TC.html) LIGHTING, INTERIOR, & ACCESSORIES HID Projectors Revision JL Headlights (https://www.hidprojectors.com/collections/wrangler-jl-2018/products/jl-signature) Baja Designs Lighting Package /9https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/LP9-LED-Auxiliary-Lights.asp) Azzy’s Design Works Custom Gauges (http://www.azzysdesignworks.com/gauges/) Trigger Six Shooter Accessory Controller (http://triggercontroller.com/) Bartact Seat Covers (https://www.bartact.com/collections/jeep-wrangler-seat-covers/2018-wrangler-jl-jlu) Bartact Grab Handles AXLES & SUSPENSION Teraflex 3.5” ST3 Suspension (https://teraflex.com/) Falcon JL Series 3.3 Shocks Teraflex Speed Bumps TeraflexTera60 Front Axle Teraflex CRD60 RearAxle 4.88 Gears / ARB Lockers Teraflex HD Steering Adams Driveshafts (1350 Series) (https://www.adamsdriveshaftoffroad.com/) RECOVERY Warn Zeon 8-S Winch (https://www.warn.com/zeon-8s-winch-89305) Superline XD Synthetic Winch Line (http://www.masterpull.com/superline-xd-synthetic-winch-line/) 48” Hi-Lift X-treme Jack (https://hi-lift.com/hi-lift-jacks/x-treme/) DRIVETRAIN 3.6L 24V V6 6-Speed Manual Transmission aFeMomentum GT Cold Air Intake (https://afepower.com/afe-power-54-76217-momentum-gt-pro-5r-cold-air-intake-system) aFe MACH Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust (https://afepower.com/afe-power-49-48075-b-mach-force-xp-hi-tuck-2-1-2-409-stainless-steel-cat-back-exhaust-system) WHEELS & TIRES Falken 38x13.5x17 Wildpeak M/T Tires (http://www.falkentire.com/tires/light-truck-suv-cuv-tires/wildpeak-m/t-tire-0) Method Con 6 Wheels

I Bought A Car Using Only Pennies

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACCEPTED THE PENNIES!!! SUBSCRIBE FOR A FREE CAR ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrbeastyt/ --------------------------------------------------------------------

How to Make Portable Bike / Car Washer

Hi Friends today I am going to show how to make car bike washer. It is very useful for bike & car washing or water spray.Here I made battery pack at home but you can use 12v lead acid battery . For this li -ion battery pack charge with 12.6 v ,1A max. It is better to use a BMS for charging. The material I have used are --- 1. 12 v , 5A battery pack 2. diaphragm water pump 3. Hose 4. spray gun , dustbin ,etc Sorry friends, having some problem I can not give the materials link but you can get it from online or local market. Thank you for watching .

I'm testing the Jamec Pem Auto 1000 Industrial portable Automatic Tyre Inflator and see if this Workshop level tyre inflation device is suitable for 4w driving. How quickly will it air up a 35" 4wd tire from 10 to 40 PSI.

The Jamec AUTO 1000 is the first truly portable automatic tyre inflator with all the features of a larger wall-mounted unit.
Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the
AUTO1000 offers up to 15 hours of continuous use coupled with astonishing performance of 2,500 L/min @ 182 psi. It is perfect for busy automotive and tyre fitting workshops.

The OPS (Over Pressure Setting) makes it ideal for seating the
tyre bead on trucks, cars and earthmoving equipment. Simply set
and walk away as the inflator automatically over inflates to seat
the bead then deflates to the correct tyre pressure, saving the
operator valuable time.

It is available at Burson, Repco call Companion Brands Customer Service on 1300 551 998 for more information

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