Faulty Xbox 360 E Console Repair - Dead Cooling Fan Replacement Guide (Car Boot Sale Pickup)

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xbox 360 E How to properly open clean & Repast without damage

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In this video I repair a faulty Xbox 360 E console with a bad cooling fan. This caused the console to automatically shut itself down after a few minutes to protect itself from "insufficient ventilation". The power button would then blink a red light for some time until the console had eventually cooled down. This cycle would then continue over and over because the cooling fan wasn't working.

I purchased the console used from a car boot sale for just £4 with the power supply unit. It was in a box of random cables and junk which is probably why nobody had seen and bought it before me.
Upon inspection I checked the hard drive bay, which had the 250GB hard drive still present making it a no-brainier buy.

The cooling fan used in the latest models of Xbox 360 slim consoles (both E and S series) are identical so sourcing a replacement fan was easy. The replacement fan I purchased from eBay and that actually cost me more than the console did at £7 including postage. Total cost of this console was just £10.99 for a 250GB latest-model Xbox 360 E with power supply plus a bit of time to replace the fan. Not bad, eh?

Car Boot Sales may be otherwise known as a garage sale by some or a flea market. I often go to them (normally weekly) but I only make videos when I find and buy something I feel others will be interested in or pick up some good deals. I sometimes do really well and buy loads of things and then other times I come back with nothing at all. It all depends on what is there on the day!

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Recorded Using A Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) in 4K Ultra-HD.

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