How To Remove Gear Floor Shifter Assembly Automatic Transmission Honda Accord | DIY Auto Repair

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03 Accord stuck in park and or cruise control fix

For more info please see Mark Ruffalo's video here: Mark's video was quite helpful but I'm making my own to add a few things that will help you. Part number is Duralast JA4411, available at Autozone for $7.49. Beyond the basic fix/install that Mark mentioned, this vid also contains info about (1) proper adjustment of the brake switch and (2) fine adjustment and testing for cruise control function. Fix your Honda by yourself for only 8 bucks!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!


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[DIY] Honda Broken Gear Shifter Knob Replacement

Part Link: New Release Knob with Spring: Lithium Grease: Pry tool: The disassemble and reinstalling procedure is the same for all Honda Automatic vehicles. The only difference is the part numbers. Part numbers for 2003 - 2005 Honda Accord: Shift Knob: 54132-sda-a81 Back plate: 54141-sda-a81 Spring: 54133-sda-a81 I can be reached via: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Email: Mailing Address: DIYCarModz 9051 Mira Mesa Blvd #262321 San Diego, CA 92196

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In this video I demonstrate some of the techniques that we use regularly on site to remove rounded Allen head bolts, or hex key head bolts. Allen head bolts can be difficult to remove as dirt can get compressed into the head which means the minute you insert the Allen key and apply pressure it rounds off the bolt. The techniques used in this video are- 1. Mole grip or vice grip pliers 2. Cold chisel and hammer 3. Weld a nut onto the rounded bolt 4. Drill using a left-handed drill bit 5. Drill the head from the bolt 6. Screw extractor 7. Trend Grab-It pro 8. Centre punch

P0706 How To Fix Your Transmission Range Sensor 1998 to 2002 Honda Accord

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In this video, young mechanic Aiman will show you how to remove the Gear Box Floor Shifter Assembly Automatic Transmission in the center console on a 2004 Honda Accord (which is the same for all model DX LX EX 2.4L & 3.0L Engine years 2003, 2005, 2006 & 2007). Similar process applies to most Honda and Acura cars, SUVs and minivans such Civic, Element, CRV, Pilot and Odyssey.

In order to remove the hand brake lever, you must first remove the Center Console assembly panel unit. For sake of time and to make the video shorter we uploaded a separate video for that. Here's the link for that video - ( How To Remove Center Console Honda Accord In Order To Replace Gear Box Shifter or Hand Brake Lever).

If you're looking for how to remove the hand brake lever next the gear box assembly in the center middle console, you can click on our tutorial video here:

Installation should be the reverse of removal.

Thanks for watching. We're taking apart our 2004 Honda Accord and we'll be making more auto repair videos in order to help you with your DIY do-it-yourself automotive repair. Check those out on our channel.

Featured in this videos are several powered tools such as DeWalt Mxx Cordless Impact driver DCF877 & High Impact 899B, both brushless as well as our favorite Milwaukee M12 Cordless Ratchet.

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