18 FAR212 Formulation Problem: Tablet formulation desired for liquid active principle

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Pouring Molten salt into Water - Explosion!

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3 Phase Tablet

Concerta® XL is a convenient once daily formulation using a sophisticated 3-phase delivery system that allows 12 hour symptom control to cover the full active day. The immediate release component provides effective relief from symptoms in the first one to two hours after taking. The extended release components gradually release the remaining MPH, providing ADHD symptom control for school and home

Understanding Sterile Production

Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC)

Fundamentals of the TLC Method

DIKO ENO - Neem Oil Emulsifier (How to make Neem Oil soluble in water)

A very simple method of making Neem Oil Soluble in water using DIKO ENO . This video is uploaded by Arpit Jain who is a Chemical Engineering Graduate from IIT Varanasi ( Banaras Hindu University ) . He is presently the Director of Fenton Chemicals based in Indore , M.P ( India ) . You can contact us for more details on this product at below addresses :- Website :- www.fentonchemicals.com , www.emulsifier.in Email - fentonchem@gmail.com Mo - 09098620999 , 08966004400 , 0731-6994000 , 0731-6994040 Please find below the detailed description about our emulsifier for Neem Oil. We are a leading manufacturer of emulsifiers for various Agrochemicals , pesticides , insecticides and vegetable Oils. We would like to introduce you to our proprietary make Emulsifier for Neem oil ( DIKO ENO) which gives excellent milky white stable emulsion with Neem oil. Sub Category :- Product Name – Emulsifier for Neem Oil Based Formulations Brand Name - DIKO ENO Product: Single component system for emulsification of Neem oil, Karanja oil, fish oil and other natural oils. Introduction: Neem oil and Karanj oil are extensively used in agriculture as eco-friendly insecticide and fungicide. Since these oils widely vary in composition depending on the geography and method of extraction, only our company provides single component emulsifier that can serve all types of oil due to our in depth reasearch and development . This single component emulsifier offers complete flexibility to match all compositions of neem oil &Karanj oil and many other oils. Dose: The total dosage of our emulsifier for Neem oil based formulations is 5-10% depending on the type of oil and concentration of EC required. Specifications: Appearance: Pale Yellow to Brown Liquid. Solubility: Soluble in most oils and organic solvents. Method of use: 1] Take 88-90 kg. Neem Oil which must be free from foreign impurities and free from mud and should be filtered with filter cloth or mud settled oil. 2] Now add 8-10 kg of our emulsifier DIKO ENO slowly under stirring . 3] Continue stirring for 10-15 minutes.You will get transparent clear emulsion. Note- Water will be added by end user at the time of application. Dosage depends on the quality of ingredients used, if necessary you may add solvent like AROMAX / C-9 (Dosage 4- 5 %) Or as required by you according to quality of vegetable oil. IMPORTANT FEATURES OF DIKO ENO - 1. DIKO ENO forms a stable milky white emulsion at 5 to 10 % Dosage with Neem Oil. Hence very cost effective. 2. Emulsion Formed using DIKO ENO is stable for 24 hours approx . 3. DIKO ENO is completely alkyl phenol free , hence biodegradable and not harmful to microorganisms and aquatic life. 4. DIKO ENO is solvent free ( 100 % Active Product ) and hence non toxic and non hazardous and allows you to add solvents as per your choice and requirement. 5. DIKO ENO can also be used to emulsify karanja oil , Fish Oil and other vegetable oils like groundnut oil , soyabean oil , etc. 6. DIKO ENO is widely used by farmers and companies for Organic Farming. 7. DIKO ENO can also be used for Formulation of Abamectin and Emamectin at a dose of 5 to 7 % .

Presented by Yusuf Izhar.

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