Camping At SunFox Campground With Friends & Family | Our Annual Summer Getaway Tradition | Part 1

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14 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

Some people love riding a roller coaster. The feeling of “having their heart in their mouth” makes them thrilled and high on adrenaline. But have you heard of the ways which go through the clouds? Today, let’s visit the most incredible and dangerous roads in the world. They overshadow even the coolest rides and leave people driving on them breathless and terrified. TIMESTAMPS Guoliang Tunnel, China 0:36 Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand 1:22 Yungas Road, Bolivia 1:58 Eyre Highway, Australia 2:47 The “Nose of the Devil” Railway, Ecuador 3:23 Pamban Railway Bridge, India 3:57 Karakoram Highway, Pakistan - China 4:35 Passage de Gois, France 5:12 Leh-Manali Highway, India 5:51 Tianmen Mountain Road, China 6:24 Road through Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 6:53 Road through Skippers Canyon, New Zealand 7:34 The James W. Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA 8:22 “Train to the Clouds”, Argentina 9:21 SUMMARY - The Guoliang Tunnel is an amazing 0,7 mi (1.2 km) long mountain road in China. The story of its creation is unbelievable! Before its construction there had been a very dangerous path with narrow steep stairs which didn’t have any handrails. - The sellers take their goods away and fold their tents in seconds, giving way to the train which moves at a speed of about 9 mi/h (15 km/h). This is the reason the market is sometimes called Talat Rom Hoop which means “Market Umbrella Close”. - Yungas Road (also called Death Road) connects Bolivian cities of La Paz and Coroico. It descends from the height of 2 miles to 1,181 ft (3,300 to 360 m) above sea level. Despite the fact that the road is very narrow, even trucks manage to pass each other. - If you look at this highway, you will surely ask, “So what is so dangerous on this straight road?” Right, this is the longest straight road in the world with the length of about 994 miles (1,600 km)! - The “Nose of the Devil” railway is built on the rock which has the same name. It was called this way because people believed that Devil didn’t want a railway to pass through that place - that’s why so many deaths occurred among the people who built the road. - Pamban is India’s first sea bridge built in 1914. It connects the mainland part of India with the island which has the same name. In 1964 there was a storm which hit the island. It overturned a passenger train and all 150 people who were inside died. - At 807,7 miles (1,300 km) long, Karakoram is considered the world’s most high-altitude international highway. One of its sections passes at the altitude of more than 15,091 ft (4,600 m). - This is the road between the island of Noirmoutier and mainland France. This passage seems quite common, doesn’t it? It is, until you get to know that to drive along it, you will need to know the schedule of the tides! In fact, the road is approachable only twice a day - before and right after the low tide. - Leh-Manali Highway runs through several high mountain passes. It is located at the altitude of 13,034 to 16,404 ft (4 to 5 km). This road is extremely narrow, covered with dirt and gravel, but this doesn’t prevent local drivers from zooming through at high speeds. - This road leads to the top of Tianmen Mountain where a Buddhist temple is situated. It is only 6.8 miles (11 km) long but it can boast 99 bends with the distance between some of the curves less than 656 ft (200 m)! - The highway which runs through the dried Solar de Uyuni is located at the altitude of 11,811 ft (3,650 m) above sea level. Local landscapes are so unusual that they can be taken for some extraterrestrial grounds! - This road was built in 1880s and it is a true wonder of engineering. The construction took only 5 years and it has remained mostly unchanged since then! This amazing passage has numerous holes, cliffs, steep descents and sharp bends. - Only 108,7 miles (175 km) of this 413,8 miles (666 km) highway are covered with bitumen, the rest of the way you have to drive on gravel. Tough weather conditions, winds, unexpected changes from 2 to 4 lanes and back, poor visibility have made this road particularly deadly. - If you decide to make a 15-hour train journey, be ready to pass through 21 tunnels, 42 bridges and viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 more zigzags on the 134,8 mi (217 km) road! This railway is one of the highest in the world, its top point (at the end of the line) is situated at the altitude of 13,780 ft (4,200 km). Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

How To Setup A Campsite

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From double decker bus to RV in 20 steps

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Summer camping is an annual tradition for our Malaysian friends and families here in Connecticut. This is our first time camping at Sunfox Campground. In the past, we have camped at Housatonic Meadows, Black Rock and many other state parks including upstate New York, but this is our first time at a private campground. In fact, it is not just a campground, it is more like a resort for campers. You can read more about Sunfox Campground below.

This time around, only the teenagers and kids are staying overnight (with the exception of Uncle Lan & his wife), although parents and other adult relatives / friends are allowed to visit during the daytime. The kids just want to have fund by themselves, without the parents around to say no or restrict what they want to do.

This also marked the first time camping with Uncle Lan's 1 1/2 year old daughter. Her name is Malaysia Jeliana Omar.

About Sunfox Campround:

Sunfox Campground is a family-owned, family-oriented campground located in Lisbon, Connecticut…just minutes off I-395, and conveniently located in beautiful southeastern Connecticut. Sunfox is just minutes from Mystic, ocean beaches, and shopping, as new exit 19 (old exit 83A) off I-395 North is midway between Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Formerly known as “Deer Haven”, the campground is under new ownership, having added a new swimming pool with hot tub, a Jumping Pillow, satellite cable TV and much more…

For reservations or more information, you may call (860) 376-1081, email them at [email protected], or you may also check availability, rates and make an on-line reservation using their new “Remote Reserver“ Be sure to see their Photo Album here:

Sunfox features organized activities on their spring and fall theme weekends, as well as daily events throughout the summer. Sites are available for weekends, vacations or for the entire season, with a choice of water & electric & TV sites (many with gray water dry wells), tent sites, RV sites with a sewer connection and two on-site Park Model rentals as well. Their new swimming pool and adult hot tub opened in August of 2016! Free wireless internet service is available throughout the campground, with a 48-channel satellite cable TV system. Their private stocked pond is perfect for swimming, fishing (catch and release), a canoe or paddle boat ride…and their Turbo Chute Waterslide. Enjoy a round of mini-golf, bounce sky-high on their Kangaroo Jumping Pillow, or join them for family Bingo, a bonfire with music, or many other family activities on their spring and fall theme weekends or everyday during the summer! Their 80 spacious sites are situated on over 60 acres of beautiful woodlands, conveniently located in Lisbon, Connecticut. They are pet friendly, and permit leashed dogs to be walked throughout the campground.

Sunfox Campground 15 Kenyon Rd Lisbon, CT 06351

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