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TOP 100 FUNNIEST GAME FAILS EVER (Gamers Are Idiots Funny Moments Compilation)

TOP 100 FUNNIEST GAME FAILS EVER (Gamers Are Idiots Funny Moments Compilation), Gaming Hilarious Moments & Fails compilation. GTA 5, Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, PUBG & Battlefield 4 funniest game fails & trolling compilation! ►Submit Your FAIL Clips: ► SUBSCRIBE: and turn all notifications on if you want to see more Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments! 🔔 ★ SHOP: ★ Featured videos: TOP 100 RAINBOW SIX SIEGE FAILS: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 7: ✦ Submit your clips! ►Social: • Twitter: • Instagram: ▼ Stunts by, (thank you for making this video possible, episodes sorted in chronological order): Gamers Are Idiots EP. 1: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 2: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 3: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 4: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 5: Gamers Are Idiots EP. 6: If you want to check out someones channel, click on the corresponding episode(s) above. Thank you! Also BIG thanks to every content creator in this video, who gave me permission to use their clips, so I am able to compile them in one epic video! •Thumbnail made by Berduu: • Want to see more? GTA 5 FAILS & WINS: Gamers Are Idiots: Rainbow Six Siege Compilation: ► Tracks: Elektronomia - Imagination Video link: Lookas - Loko Music link: Epidemic Sound: ★ Note: if you have a problem with me using your clip(s), if I forgot to credit you by mistake or you think the submitted clip(s) belongs to you, please email me at Thank you!

Red Dead Redemption Full Story - Before You Play Red Dead Redemption 2

As Red Dead Redemption 2 draws closer to launch, this seems like a great time to look back on the 2010 masterpiece. Usually in our Story So Far features, we like to be as detailed and thorough as possible, and obviously, that's what we're going for here as well. That said, given just how incredible vast Red Dead Redemption is and how many excellent smaller side stories it has to tell, exploring every nook and cranny for this game will be harder than what we've done with the likes of, say, The Last of Us or God of War in the past. If there's anything relevant or noteworthy in the game that you feel we may have missed, please remind us of it in your comments. Without further ado then, this is the story of Red Dead Redemption. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

Everything You Need To Know About The Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

The camp plays a vital role in Red Dead Redemption 2, but how exactly does it work? Find out how to get the most out of your lodgings with everything you need to know about the camp in Red Dead Redemption 2. Subscribe to Eurogamer - For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out and don't forget to follow us on Twitter:

Surviving Homelessness! - Change A Homelsss Survival Experience Gameplay

Welcome to Change! CHANGE is an emotional homeless survival experience set in a randomly generated city with rogue-like elements. ► Watch more here: - - - - - Explore, survive, earn perks, find items and more to develop your character and escape to a new life. Download Change A Homeless Survival Experience: - - - - - Features: An endless city to explore filled with randomly generated items, events and environments, unique to every playthrough Develop perks by experimenting with different methods of survival Beg, busk or work your way to finding a new home Randomly generated "night events" lets you develop your own abstract story Find companions, find shelter, find kindness A complete weather system will force you to adjust your survival strategy in rain and snow Build your own inventory with food, items for survival and more. Unlock new items for your next playthrough as you progress Buy items or steal from shops, spend a night in police stations, parks or shelters, spend time at bars, visit the clinic, study in the library, recycle scrap and more as you discover new areas and buildings Experience a beautifully composed emotional soundtrack - - - - - Q. What is a supported video? A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received a free download, merchandise, or any travel arrangements is supported by the developers. Q. What is a sponsored video? A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received financial incentives to produce a video need to be disclosed. I will (and have been) disclosing these as sponsored. - - - - - Want more Blitz? Check these links out: Subscribe: Twitter: Twitch: Merch: Discord:

10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

Here are 10 video game easter eggs that took years and in some cases decades to find. WATCH MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE HERE: 9 Video Game Addicts That Went Too Far: 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mario: Visit our site: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Commentator: 10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

Horse is your best friend, so get the best one!

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STEP 1: Do the Hosea`s mission in Horseshoe Overlook.
STEP 2: Get some warm clothes!
STEP 3: Head to the NORTHWEST area of the map (Lake Isabella). 00:40
STEP 4: Find the horse.
STEP 5: When you come closer to horse, lock her with L2 button and press square button to catch her attention :)
STEP 6: Crouch and when getting closer, press repeatedly square button to calm her down.
STEP 7: When you mount the horse, be ready to tame her. Move left analog in the opposite direction of horse`s movement and again smash that square button for a while.
STEP 8: VOILA ! :D This beauty is yours, feed her and pat her to increase that bond level :D

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