Movo PM10 Deluxe Lavalier Microphone Review- for Smartphones and Tablets

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Movo PM10 deluxe lavalier lapel clip-on omnidirectional condenser
Link to the Movo PM10 Lavalier Mic:
Link to the Rode Videomic Me:
TRRS to TRRS Patch Cable:

Today I’m reviewing the Movo PM10 Deluxe Lavalier Lapel Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Smartphones. The Movo PM10 is a lavalier mic that is designed to be used exclusively with smartphones, iPads and even iPods. It’ll work with any phone or tablet that has a TRRS audio input jack and most devices these days come standard with TRRS inputs. Now for those of you who are not familiar with TRRS inputs, this just the jack you would usually plug your headphones into, on your phone or tablet. The PM10 is a very simple device. The mic’s 3.5mm audio jack plugs into your device and has a microphone recording surface on the other end. The PM10’s cable is 4ft long and the recording surface is a covered with a foam windscreen. It clips onto clothing using a lavalier clip. With the PM10 you also get a pouch to store the mic and an extra foam windscreen and mic clip. This is really useful as these windscreens tend to tear over time and clips do have a habit of breaking. Once the mic is plugged into your device, you’re pretty much ready to record. And unlike other lavalier mics, the PM10 doesn’t need batteries to power it- its completely plug-n-play. You can record into any built-in voice recording app like Garage Band or Voice Memos or you can get a voice recording app from the App Store. And because it’s so portable and simple to use, its ideal for folks looking to record podcasts and vlogs on the go.

And for under $20, the Movo PM10 is amazing value for money.

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