Unfortunately I Didn't Win Anything But That's Not The Point | NICEE 2018 Vlog Part 12 - Awards

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Unfortunately I didn't win anything but that's not the point. The point is that I get to go to this National Invention Convention, 1 out 108,000 student inventors who originally participated in this competition, ending up with 450 as finalists, and that in itself is a significant achievement - one of the highest honors a student inventor can get.

On a positive note however, Arya Bairat, Aiman's friend from his school ESUMS (Engineering and Science University Magnet School) won the prestigious Most Sustainable Award presented by United Technologies Corporation.

To find out more about NICEE please scroll down for explanation below.

This is Part 12 in the series of NICEE 2018 vlog by Aiman.

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Part 12: https://youtu.be/SKclqK5UhiA (Unfortunately I Didn't Win Anything But That's Not The Point | NICEE 2018 Vlog Part 12 - Awards)

About NICEE 2018:

National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship (NICEE) event is an annual celebration of K-12 inventors and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. organized by the Stemie Coalition.

The event provides a live, in-person opportunity for youth inventors and entrepreneurs in grades 3-12 to display their critical thinking skills through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurial activities. NICEE 2018 is presented by United Technologies Corporation.

Each year, student “winners” from affiliate member youth invention and entrepreneurship competitions across the U.S. are invited to attend NICEE. The event acts as a U.S. national “finals” competition of local, regional, state and sectional invention competitions across the U.S..

The goal is to inspire tomorrow’s youth by creating this national showcase those whose efforts embody America’s inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the youth invention and entrepreneurship equivalent of the Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

Aiman is one of 450 winners or finalists from across 20 states to be selected to attend and compete at this event. There were a total of 108,000 students when the program started at the local level. Stay tune for a series of videos by Aiman on this exciting national event including the cross country road trip to the convention.

For more information please click here: http://www.stemie.org/2018-nicee/

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