abandoned/haunted napa repair garage

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ABANDONED Drug Dealer's 1970s Weird looking House with Indoor Pool & Sauna

STAY POSITIVE MERCH https://teespring.com/stores/official-staypositive-merch This is a very odd setup for a house ive never seen this before but is kinda neet, built in 1970 and from all the mold you can tell whats been going on there dont forget to ssmash the like button plz and thank you if you choose to support my channel there is a link down below if you choose to Ethan https://www.instagram.com/ethan_minnie_2318/ *** Support my CHannel *** https://streamlabs.com/carlopaolozza FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! Snapchat - Carlopaolozza YouNow https://www.younow.com/CarloPaolozza Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CarloPaolozzayt Twitter https://twitter.com/CarloPaolozza IG https://www.instagram.com/carlopaolozza/ Follow me on Twitch https://go.twitch.tv/carlopaolozza Other Vids to watch (TIME CAPSULE) Exploring Abandoned Farm with Power and everything still here https://youtu.be/fYlixmZGjzo Abandoned Time Capsule Farm with Hunting RV everything left behind antiques https://youtu.be/wV81z5KwKJo Exploring Abandoned TV Game Show Set https://youtu.be/x-R_AwnWlWI (TIME CAPSULE) Exploring Abandoned 1960s Bowling Alley Everything left behind Frozen in Time https://youtu.be/wthMa1_yr0k (24K Gold) Abandoned Castle Mansion with pool https://youtu.be/yFJ_D6-U0io Exploring The 1800's Abandoned House over 100 years old, interesting story behind this place https://youtu.be/b4NlMgy0tMA (MOLDY BASEMENT)Abandoned Macgyver house With Large Heated Garage and LOFT!!! https://youtu.be/QB6d5Z3UjQ4 Sneaking Into The 1942 Abandoned NAZI Prisoner of War Camp https://youtu.be/wv-HFx2jOoI Exploring Abandoned Drug Dealers Mansion While kids try to break in https://youtu.be/17iCM9p-LmY (GIMME KISS) Exploring the abandoned ... Vlog, But first wake up!!!! OMARGOSHTV & MOE MARGI https://youtu.be/C-cjuvOHOuY (OMG) I Brought OMARGOSHTV to the Drug Dealer Mansion Vlog!! This is what happened https://youtu.be/ZnnJtrKZxSM (DISNEY!!!) Exploring the Disney Themed Abandoned Daycare Center (Original Explore i did) https://youtu.be/0zWp-Ys-gxU ABANDONED LAW OFFICE (FOUND SECRET TUNNEL SAFE/VAULT with Files & XRAYS) https://youtu.be/qSwNgICHv0c Exploring Abandoned 1800's Farmhouse falling into decay https://youtu.be/-k4AE2sYKpI Exploring Abandoned Pizza Hut https://youtu.be/aiRVVYb2rcU Exploring Abandoned Ranch Style Mansion With Library Den https://youtu.be/slxorOKFeDI (VERY UNSTABLE) Exploring The Abandoned Lost Ruins https://youtu.be/e6up1o3lONc Exploring Abandoned 1970's Time Capsule (Found Safe & Secret Room) https://youtu.be/4-xeEMNDefc (Scared for my life) Exploring the Abandoned Hospital Decaying & Rotting away https://youtu.be/f4hP2HHcFj0 (Found Exotic Supercar)Exploring an Abandoned Funeral Home with everything left behind, ASHES!!!i https://youtu.be/jSOEDA_PctM (Olympic School) Exploring Abandoned Private School for Olympians https://youtu.be/XXG3DntiNnk (FOUND GUN) Exploring the Abandoned MONEY HOUSE!!!! Decaying House https://youtu.be/bxZeqMemvp0 Exploring 1800's Historic Abandoned Mansion https://youtu.be/jj8Dyfm6LcQ (SECRET ROOM FOUND) Exploring 15 Million Dollar Abandoned/Vacant Mafia Boss Mansion https://youtu.be/B-J-F4IdQPY (3AM CHALLENGE) 3PLYMAFIA Explore the Abandoned YMCA! INSANE POOL AREA https://youtu.be/xQkGX5_Hc7M (FOUND TEETH) ABANDONED Dentist Office with Everything Left Behind https://youtu.be/PPzbIcCF1kE (TIME CAPSULE) Exploring Abandoned 1960s house With Tennis court & Coffin Pool Lots left behind https://youtu.be/N0EVXt0aNFo (DEVELOPMENT SERIES) Exploring The Abandoned Golden Oldies House https://youtu.be/PSmwt3bXvOA Exploring The Abandoned Warehouse with Lots left behind https://youtu.be/pBAvmzfXwk4 (TIME CAPSULE) Exploring Abandoned 1950s Bungalo Waiting to be DEMOLISHED!!! https://youtu.be/a-OrIWBH9pI Exploring Abandoned Insane Asylum 150 years old https://youtu.be/ZjpUWBkDQuI (Police School) Exploring Abandoned School used for Police Dog Training https://youtu.be/nGq-VG3xSeA Exploring The Abandoned Drug KingPin / Bike Gang Member Mansion https://youtu.be/FfXh4w8H91Q Devils Punch Bowl https://youtu.be/gQ6EcjmRj3o Abandoned Biker / gang ranch house https://youtu.be/YyPJMSb7SQk Chucky's Playground Teddy bear mansion https://youtu.be/3qcLVVnmWyc Abandoned Jungle land ZOO https://youtu.be/2pyybVtmZlo Abandoned Theater https://youtu.be/7nPvNF7sWKg Abandoned hospital Part 1 https://youtu.be/g-egOkduAAs Abandoned waterpark https://youtu.be/uk8CQRlYsX0 Abandoned Amusement park https://youtu.be/-Nkv1QvghTA Abandoned Candy Factory https://youtu.be/bzBrEcSwW9w Abandoned mansion https://youtu.be/LLtrQ5VBeSk

How quickly a job can go from awesome to.....crap, gotta call the boss.....

Ok, have a sense of humor people, blaming it on the groundsman was a jest, of course it wasn't his fault.

Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

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Look at Life - Down In The Dumps 1965

An excellent "Look at life" video clip from The Rank Organisation dated September 1965 looking at what's being done to clear the streets of dumped cars, contains some very upsetting scenes! Link to DVD advert. http://networkonair.com/shop/1067-look-at-life-volume-1-transport.html

I Bought An Abandoned Storage Locker! ... Look What I Found!

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did a daytime explore of the haunted/abandoned Napa garage, that's next to the holiday inn that the exotic dancer shot a guy at.

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