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Best use of waste disposal tea Glass & CD | DIY Home Decor | Artkala 398.

Best use of waste disposal tea Glass & CD | DIY Home Decor | Artkala 398. #Best out of waste #reuse #ideas Tea Glass - Twin Wall. Our Twin Wall Tea Glasses are beautifully hand blown and beautifully crafted. ... Admire the vivid colours of your tea through the elegant, curved edges that make this modern Tea Glass a pleasure to hold. Hand-made from borosilicate glass which is both heat and light resistant. Buy my Gears My Camera = My Tripod = My mobile = My second mobile = My lights = My second light = My Lens = My laptop = My glue gun = My Memory Card For DSLR = Subscribe my Channel= DIY Craft lovers can also follow Artkala on - ★ FACEBOOK: ★ ★ TWITTER: ★ ★Youtube: ★ ★ Google+ : ★ ★ Instragram : ★ Channel description Hey guys, Welcome to the world of innovation Artkala. We are Puja, Pawan & Sneha creators of Artkala. This channel is all about DIY, lifehack, tutorials, nail art and other awesome ideas that pop on my mind.We always strive to upload the best quality content on our channel. The best part of our channel is that we transform the old and useless waste materials into a new creative and daily need usefull material and we upload a new video everyday. Every DIY tutorial is very easy and simple to follow, perfect for beginners, explained step by step and achievable at home! Hope you loved this craft and will try to make it. If you have any feedback or suggestions please drop a comment to let us know. Thanks and happy crafting! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Best use of waste Fair & Lovely packet craft idea | Best Out of waste | Artkala" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

#RoboMasti 5 basic knots of Scout and guide....TUTORIAL!!!!

#RoboMasti In this video i will teach you how to tie the 5 basic knots of scout and this tutorial if you have any doubt or any confusion,please comment below the confusion/doubt....If u want me to explain any part of the scout section...please comment below..... if u like this video....Please LIKE,COMMENT and SHARE the video to your friends,family,relatives or siblings.... Maybe my next video would be on lashings or the knots[CLOVE HITCH & ONE ROUND TWO HALF HITCHES] IF you want this type of videos...please share to me in the comments below... Targeting for 500 likes... Come on viewers 50 likes is not that huge..... I am a assistant troop leader of my troop... !!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR LATEST UPDATE!! Thanks for watching my video and reading my lengthy description... Stay bless.....Thank you....JAI HIND & VANDE MAHATRAM..... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5 PRO KNOTS OF SCOUT&GUIDE..[TUTORIAL]...!!!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Camping Knots

14 great knots for Camping If you want to see more - SUBSCRIBE! :) In this knot tutorial video, Jason demonstrates how to tie 14 great knots for camping that you can easily learn and are perfect for bushcraft and wilderness survival skills. Including the Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Square Knot, Clove Hitch, Slip Clove Hitch, Taut Line, Figure Eight Knot, Bowline, Alpine Butterfly Knot, Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend, Prusik, Constrictor Knot, and of course the Canoeman's Knot (aka the Highwayman's Knot). These knots are demonstrated the way I learned them. If you know another way of doing them, post a video and share it in the comments. Skip ahead to any of the knots by clicking on the timecode below. Half Hitch 0:30 Two Half Hitches 0:54 Square Knot 1:53 Clove Hitch 2:41 Slip Clove Hitch 3:32 Taut Line 4:35 Figure Eight Knot 6:00 Bowline 6:30 Sheet Bend 7:17 Double Sheet Bend 8:10 Prusik 9:15 Alpine Butterfly Knot 10:40 You can check out the entire article that goes with this video at: Find rope here: Or visit me socially: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Disclaimer: Any activity that involves ropes is potentially hazardous. Considerable attention and effort has been made to ensure that this video demonstration is accurate. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material and we highly recommend that you learn rope techniques in person with someone qualified or experienced who can check your work.

Knots for the Apprentice - 2010 Sea Scout Manual, 11th ed. Video 4

Mate Wayne Stacey of SS Ship 198 Eagle Milton, Delaware LCDR USCG Ret. demonstrates the knots needed for the Apprentice rank: Square or Reek Knot, Bowline, Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend, Two Half Hitches, Figure "8" Knot, and Cleat Hitch

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