Litter-Robot III | How To Fix Blinking Flashing RED Light, Diagnose, Repair & Replace LR3 Cat Sensor

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Litter-Robot Open Air: Stops Mid-Cycle If your Litter-Robot Open Air is stopping mid-cycle, check out this helpful troubleshooting video to help remedy the problem. We’ve put together this short video that clearly demonstrates common issues that may cause your Litter-Robot to stop before it has completed a full cleaning cycle. Often, the actions needed to solve this problem are super quick and easy. Chances are, it will take only a few minutes to get your Litter-Robot working perfectly again. The problem might be as easy as changing the surface your Litter-Robot is placed on, positioning your Litter-Robot so it isn’t touching the surrounding walls, or reducing the amount of litter used in the box. If your Litter-Robot continues to stop mid-cycle, the problem could be caused by a continuous activation of the cat sensor, indicating excess weight in the waste drawer or an obstruction that has activated the “anti-pinch” safety feature — a feature that has been installed to ensure your cat’s safety when he or she uses the Litter-Robot. This short Litter-Robot troubleshooting video discusses what to do if any of these scenarios arise, with helpful step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting identification, obstruction removal and more. We want you to be perfectly satisfied with your revolutionary self-cleaning litter box. If the solutions we’ve provided don’t correct your problem, please email us at [email protected] or call 877-250-7729.

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The red blinking light indicates CATS (the cat sensor) is detecting excess weight for more than 2 minutes. In this comprehensive tutorial video guide, Aiman will take you through the steps of troubleshooting and diagnosing the red flashing light on your Litter-Robot III (LR3) Open Air automatic self-cleaning robotized litter-box if it stopped working and displaying the above fault message or error code.

In most cases, the red blinking or flashing light on the front panel indicates defective CATS sensor, but the first thing you should do before taking further steps is to do the following:

Please check your unit for:
* The litter is above the fill line or in excess of 10lbs.
* CATS has not been reset after adding weight
* The waste drawer has too much weight
* The unit is sitting on an uneven surface ‐ grout lines on tile floor or in a bathtub.
* The unit is pushed into a corner, against a wall, or furniture
* Objects are resting or pressing on the unit

To test your changes, power the unit off and then on. Allow the unit to complete the start‐up cycle and return Home with a solid blue light which indicates your unit is operating normally.

Always press Reset after emptying the waste drawer, adding litter, or moving the unit. You can also turn the unit OFF then ON to ensure the baseline is set properly. When pressing Reset, watch for the blue light to quickly flash one time. This indicates CATS has been successfully reset.

If none of the above solves the issue:
1. Remove the bonnet.
2. Remove the globe
3. Replace the bonnet
4. Press Cycle (without the globe on the unit)
5. Allow the motor to run for 5 seconds, at any point, does it stop and flash red? If no, then excess weight needs to be removed from the globe. If yes, (it blinks red), then watch this video for further steps.

In this video, Aiman will show you how to take apart Litter-Robot III and test the CATS sensor to see if it is actually the culprit by using a simple multi-meter to measure the resistance in the pressure sensor. Aiman will also show you how to jump the CATS sensor should you need to continue to operate LR3 while waiting for the parts to arrive. Please note that you should only do this at your own discretion as jumping or bypassing the sensor might damage the LR3 circuit board. He will then show you how to remove, replace and repair the CATS sensor.

When putting back the bottom foot bolt, It's essential that you DO NOT overtighten the nut as it will crush the cat sensor.

If your foot is white (and the bolt is 1 7/8'' cm) : you need to screw for the bolt to be about ~1/4" (6.35mm) from the bolt.
If your foot is black (and the bolt is 1 5/8'' cm) : you need to screw for the bolt to just be a mm from the bolt.

Taking apart the unit is actually quite simple and easy, however there are a few specialized tools you might need and Aiman will explain that in this video.

Keep in mind that we're are owners of LR3 and not the expert in fixing the unit. There are forums and blogs available online if you need help with how to diagnose, troubleshoot and solve your issues. Here's one of them:

If you need to order the parts, click on the following link:

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