Megger TM 1600 Repair and Calibration by Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd.

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How does a Stepper Motor work ?

We thank our patrons for making LE's educational service sustainable. Please support us at so that we will have the capability to release 2 videos/month. Stepper motors are the one of the most widely used motor type due to its simplicity and position control capability. This video gives a step-by-step explanation of variable reluctance stepper motor and hybrid stepper motor with help of animation. It also explains the concept of half stepping.

Three phase explained

Kitchen-table presentation: three-phase electricity supply explained with a hydraulic analogue, by energy-management trainer Vilnis Vesma

Why 3 Phase Power? Why not 6 or 12?

Power Transmission Engineer Lionel Barthold Explains how 3 phase, 6 phase, and 12 phase power works, advantages, disavantages, and hopes for the future. Rotating phases, form an anisotropic tube. He worked on experimental 6 and 12 phase power lines at his company Power Technologies, Inc. before it was sold to Siemens after a long successful career. The experimental polyphase lines were located in Malta, New York, not far from company headquarters in Schenectady.

Transistor / MOSFET tutorial

How to use an N channel MOSFET (a type of transistor) to turn anything on and off! Also, remember to put a 100k resistor between gate and ground if you want your FET to stay off by default. IRFZ44 MOSFETs on Amazon: Main tutorial webpage:

Abohelifa 45 s/s Termination

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Megger TM 1600 Repair and Calibration by Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd.

Megger TM 1600 (formerly programma) Circuit Breaker Analyzer, measures a circuit breaker’s
timing cycle. The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and auxiliary contacts.

Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd. Megger appointed service center for South East Asia. We have service, repair, maintained, and calibrate thousands of test instruments, just checkout our testing videos!

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified, ISO/IEC17025 Certified, Megger appointed Service Center, Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd. been trained in all Megger various locations including.
• Dover, UK [Megger]
• Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA [formerly AVO, Biddle]
• Danderyd, Sweden [formerly Programma]
• Baunach, Germany [formerly sebaKMT]
• Radeburg, Germany [formerly HegenukKMT],
• Megger, Bakers Instrument, Colorado.

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