How To Replace Bulb Interior Dome Map Light & Remove Overhead Lamp Housing Assembly Honda Accord

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Repair Hazy (Oxidized) Headlight Lens (Honda Accord) - DIY 5 Minute Video

You probably have or know someone with a car that has yellowed, hazy, or foggy plastic headlight lenses making it look older than it should, and even worse, severely defusing light from your headlight bulbs. The reason your lenses are this way (if they don't have water in them) is because the clear coat that protects the plastic from UV rays has chipped off in part or completely over time. Lens cleaning kits and toothpaste remedies work for a little while until the UV rays have their effect on the plastic again. In this video I show how you can do a wet sand of the lens to remove the oxidized layers and get them very smooth. Then you can apply a new spray on clear coat (I use Rust-Oleum) for plastic with UV protection, with a few coats and polishing, you will have restored your lenses to a great optical clarity so your car will look new and shine light far down the road for a number of years. The best part is, all the supplies you need to do this repair will cost: $19.62. And you will have plenty left over to do a few of your friends headlights! Tools: Plastic Card or Tooth brush Spray Bottle (optional) Supplies: 1 Can of Rust-Oleum Clear Gloss with UV protection for Plastic or equivalent Here is the link to the paint used in this video: $3.87 1 Roll of Frog Painters tape or equivalent. Here is the link to the tape used in this video: $3.60 1 Bottle of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Here is the link to the rubbing alcohol used in this video: $2.58 1 Plastic Drop Cloth or very large trash bag. Here is the link to the plastic used in this video: $0.98 1 Roll of paper towels or no-dust microfiber towel or equivalent. 4-5 sheets of sand paper with grits from 400-3000 Here is the link to the sand paper used in this video: $8.59 Almost to 100 Subscribers! Thanks so much everyone, I really love making these videos and I hope they are helpful! :) luke

Tutorial: Map light on with dome light mod -DiyCarModz Welcome to another episode of DiyCarModz. I’m Jeff and in this video…. Tutorial on how to have the map lights turn on with the dome light on a 2012 Honda Fit Sport. This procedure is pretty much the same for all Honda vehicle. Map light and dome light will have 3 pins. 12+ , ground and ground switched. The wire you want to tap on the dome light wire is the ground switch wire. You just need to use a DIMM to determine which wire to tape on the dome light. For the Honda Fit it is the blue wire. ____________________________________________________ For the 9th en accord: 2013 2014 2015 Honda Accord -Map light wire harness: White plug with black and yellow wire. Insert a new wire on the empty slot. -Dome Light: White plug with pink and yellow wire. Tap the pink wire

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In this DIY auto repair instructional video, young mechanic Aiman will show you step-by-step guide on how to 1) Remove the plastic cover in order to replace the light bulb for the interior cabin dome light, also called map, reading, door, center, ceiling, overhead lamp both for the rear passenger side as well as the front unit 2) Remove and/or replace the entire housing assembly both for the middle cabin as well as the front roof lamp / overhead storage compartment assembly for the 2004 Honda Accord, which is the same for a 2003, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Accord DX LX & EX 2.4L and 3.0L engine.

The procedures should be very similar for other Honda and Acura late model years such Civic, Element, CRV, Pilot and Odyssey.

Thanks for watching. There are many more DIY instructional videos & step-by-step guide already published by young mechanic Aiman but there are many more automotive how-to fix, remove, replace and install videos that have yet to be uploaded onto his channel, especially since he is dismantling his Honda Accord in order to help give you ideas on how to fix or repair you cars, vehicles, minivans and SUVs.

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